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Navigational Changes & Quantum Realities

Hi dear All, 

Wow, reality lately is fluid and responsive. I am sure you’re all experiencing this also. 

Reality immediately reflects back what state we are in. When we are fully centered and locked on, everything works together magically, creating an infinite and upward spiral. Unless of course we get out of center, out of the heart, and start channeling archetypes. The spiral goes downward quickly. Then there seem to be problems all around and the magical reality seems out of sight. 

Until our Ascending self takes front stage again. Then reality can expand. The difference between these two states is increasing incredibly fast. The negative downward spiral is not compatible with us anymore. Still we’re learning to detect and reject archetypes. This has not always been successful to accomplish to put it mildly. 

At the same time we are becoming more and more aware of the effect of archetypes. 

They are serious. They hold reality creation back big time and they intend to destroy upward and expansive spirals. Basically an energy that we don’t want to channel. Archetypical energy goes against everything we love. It’s high time to become stronger than it. 

Navigating now happens more feeling based, it takes us more into the heart-space. When something takes us out of the now, this is immediately felt. So we know, if it does not feel good it has to be an illusion, a perception of the mind. Recognizing this and fully letting this go and stepping back into the heart space can quickly turn this around. We are learning and determined to move forward. 

Beautiful insights come in via talks with Ascended Life - infinite gratitude - via the many teachings - wow, I am so happy that the SAS technique is back online and will be expanded upon. They also come via buddies on the path - thanks Kim - and via dreamtime experiences.

In a conversation with Kim I remembered that gratitude is a powerful tool ‘both ways’, on the giving and the receiving end, which of course holds within itself the illusion of exchange. More and more we are learning that gratitude is a powerful part of creation. It creates focus on what Ekara has called ‘the beautiful picture’, the positive and heart based perspective on life. Receiving gratitude focuses on strength and love of self, expanding this feeling from the inside out as well. Since exchange is an illusion and there is only one Akene, gratitude is actually an easy feeling to choose. 

In a dreamtime experience I saw myself literally write reality, with pen and paper. Long texts, and in that moment, the words had no meaning to me. It was as if the writing designed reality, as a full package, with feeling being the strongest and most important sense with which to navigate. It is clear to me why it is important to keep our full focus on what we want to create. Any attention in a different direction cannot but diminish the creation. Holding our focus steady on what we do want to see often leads to expansions we could not even have imagined! The universe simply fully and easily lines up with our wishes and beyond. 

Such exciting times! I wonder how you are dancing with it all. Let me know in the comments below if you like.

Much love, Amy

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The very first time I connected to the information and wisdom presented by the precursors of The Rising Way (starting in 2005), it was clear that this strongly resonated with me. This was what I had been waiting for. Life and reality started to make sense, to my heart as well, and this awakened within me the strong wish to implement these teachings on a practical level. Although it took me some time to understand the depth of commitment that is required for ascension, it has been an incredible journey which has brought me so much growth already. 

I have recently started the path of a seeker and It is my honour to share my experiences, and insights with you. I am very pleased with the depth of information about ascension provided by The Rising Way. Here you too, can learn how to move forward on your path of ascension of self. Since I know how vital it is to walk this path together and learn from each other, I welcome your input, comments or questions. Feel free to post them in comments box or email me via your TRW inbox.

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  • Thank you Amy for this blog. Merkaia spoke of what we are experiencing now. So did Solarys. It’s much more simple than we think it is. Seeing that over and over again. It’s about what I choose to focus on. Beautiful painting or ugly painting. It’s up to me. Deepest gratitude and much love Kwan Yin and all of Ascended Life. 

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