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On the Road #10 - Living from the Inside Out

“Courage is easy; Fear is hard”

 Lao Tze

Before I left Portugal for my “On the Road” assignment on a farm high up in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain, I saw a Facebook post about “fulfilling all of our desires and passions” and it caught my attention. It metaphorically jumped off the screen and begged my attention.

It felt “off” to me although I did not fully know why at the time. It was a period on my ascension path when I was having difficulty staying in the heart space and was often mental and sometimes even emotional. No matter how much I desired to be conscious and how passionate I was about my ascension path, wanting to follow ascended teachings and the guidance of my Ascended Master Teachers, “my” personality kept getting in the way.

I knew that the ascended perspective on desire and passion went much deeper than what I had previously learned in spiritual circles and what I had been carrying around in my head most of the time. I felt that this was an important question and lesson on my ascension path, so I asked Kwan Yin if she would address these two subjects, “passion” and “desire” in more depth — and she did — in the article, The Nature of Desire published in The Rising Way e-magazine.

I highly recommend reading this article in its entirety. The salient parts, for me, include the following points:

  • Desire is a manifestation of the personality and "lack" archetype or programming, which enters into one’s experience via the six Grand Illusions of form, time, space, death, exchange and separation; it is an emotion, not a feeling.
  • Emotions are mental and are based on passive attributes that enter our energy field from the outside world, whereas feelings are based on active attributes formed inside of the heart space.
  • Active attributes are born of neutral, divine akeneic or tonal energy within one’s own heart and have an uplifting, positive effect when they leave one’s merkaba field and travel to the outside world; the unconditional nature of active attributes gives them their creative power.
  • When passive attributes enter one’s field from the outside world, people give their power away to objects, things, people, places or events which are often charged with a negative energy field such as conditional love, or conditional joy.
  • Mind works with passive attributes while Consciousness works with active attributes.
  • Passion is the active attribute version of desire, born from within; ultimately, there are no wants and needs, no desires, only the creative fire of passion that burns in all of our hearts.

We have long been taught that the active attributes are universal or unconditional Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life. We have also been taught to use the “Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life pipeline” (also called the Passion Pipeline or the Kakra Pipeline by Ascended Life) to look at our life experiences to find out how we might have gotten ourselves stuck in passive, mental experiences… and how to get out of them. If we are not feeling these active attributes, we are telling ourselves a story or holding onto a belief or judgment that has us living life passively and unconsciously from the outside in rather than actively and consciously from the inside out. 

Distinguishing these stories, beliefs and judgments neutrally and not personalizing them can help us access the infinite now and move out of Mind into the heart.

I have had difficulty applying these teachings consistently and continuously which, as Lao Tze has taught us in A Meditation for the Mind, is the ultimate goal. I would be OK for awhile and then something would happen in my outside world that seemed to happen to me or affect me in some negative way that would throw me off center, out of my heart, straight into identifying with Mind. 

I continue to be confronted with having to take a really honest and hard look at the personality I’ve incarnated with over and over again as part of the matrix or control system that is being replaced by the Flower of Life geometry. I do see that we now have the opportunity to release the parts of us that are not real and to expand beyond the limitations of Mind which we too often accept as normal including all its negativity, suffering, and all that is unconscious.

The thing is though, we still have to do the work and we have to own complete responsibility for every bit of our creation. No matter how Mind wants to slice and dice it and convince us otherwise, there isn’t anything that “happens to us.” Everything, without exception, is generated by us, whether it is created consciously or unconsciously. This is especially important now as we travel through the Triple Eight Portal when our training wheels come off and the New Earth Reality Mechanics kick into high gear.

I am “On the Road” not only to be in service to others and learn “tools of the trade” to assist in the creation of future ascension centers but also to use this opportunity to prepare myself for what is ahead. For me, this has meant many things, the most important of which is to intentionally step into my power by practicing living from the inside out and working on dis-identifying with “my” personality. It is a predator type which is extremely manipulative and will do anything it can to get its needs, wants, and desires met and therefore, stay in control. 

Although the way out of a personality’s patterning is to stop identifying with it, I continue to practice examining it from as neutral a place as possible for what it is and I’m working on not personalizing it. I have learned that when I do personalize it, I give it a reality that is out of alignment with who I am and with my passion. I’m seeing many of the ways it blocks and limits me — sabotaging me and keeping me from the realization of my greatest passion, which is ascension.

When I choose the personality perspective, I am not conscious, I am not in my heart, I am not creating with active attributes, nor am I putting my experiences through the Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life pipeline. I am caught up in a mental experience.

In The Flower of Life Awakens lecture by Merkaia, we’ve also been taught that we can make things easy on ourselves by celebrating everything we’ve created in our lives and letting go of limitation as we travel through the Triple Eight portal. This includes taking from the crystals of the earth our personality layers which have been stored there and removing these layers from our essence, undoing what we have created and what has clung to us over generations of incarnations.

This is what I have been focusing on in this incredible place where experience is so intense and everything so readily responds to everyone’s focus, whatever it may be, at least from my observation and experience. In honestly looking at all of my experience since I arrived here, I have to attribute my progress so far to the whole package or the whole enchilada of being here. It is a uniquely heart-based, creative, and magical place in which it often feels that anything is possible. There is ample opportunity here to learn what we need to learn for ourselves and to make of our experience what we choose — or not— and therein lies the key. 

I haven’t always made it easy on myself, having never lived or worked on a farm before and having quite a few personality layers to release, but I feel I am beginning to learn the teachings in The Nature of Desire — not just in pieces but as an integrated whole. I am starting to live from the inside out, from the heart space in a new way, and I am discovering a new confidence and ability to trust my inner guidance. As Merkaia has shared, we can make it easy on ourselves by celebrating the fullness of what the return of the Flower of Life means: the eventual release from the matrix and undoing of all the “gook” that has clung to us over all of our lifetimes on Earth.

Lao Tze once told us that the hardest part of the ascension path is to let go of all that we are not (and also something along the lines of once that was done, the real fun begins). During this talk, he also shared the quote I opened this blog with: “Courage is easy; fear is hard.” It can be scary to let go of who we “think” we are. The ego-mind-personality construct delightfully creates resistance and fear if we let it. I know that every time I have allowed resistance or fear in, neither of which are natural or real, I simply can’t be who I really am. I cannot let go of what is not real and when I hold onto what is not real, I make things difficult.

Kwan Yin has often said: “it isn’t always easy, but it’s simple.” I am at least beginning to understand this statement and the simplicity of the ascension path in a new way (having explored “not easy” ad infinitum). I am practicing embodying a more genuine appreciation and love for the being that I really am, which naturally extends to “others” as well. This truly is the simplicity: to remember that the heart is where it’s at and all else is illusion. 

I still fall back into sometimes having to repeat the very important lessons I am learning as I fulfill my assignment. And I’m not saying that I won’t have difficulty with lessons I have yet to learn. However, I know that when I let go of resistance, do “the work” by applying Ascended teachings as consistently and continuously as I can, celebrating who I really am and where I am going — focusing on Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life from the inside out — then the ascension path not only becomes practical, it truly comes alive! 

And THAT is something I surely can celebrate and cherish…and always will.

Amber Adams

Before I dedicated myself to the ascension path, I had been a spiritual seeker for many years. I learned to open my heart, the importance of self-love, and a LOT of spiritual information. It was never enough to fill the underlying feeling that there was much more to learn and to experience to connect to the greater mysteries of the Soul, that despite all of my growth, I could never fully touch. Always passionate about service to others, I walked in many people’s shoes, shared my heart and joy as openly as I could, and created many projects to improve the lives of others. This all changed when I stepped onto the path of personal ascension. There is simply no comparison to anything that came before, especially the direct experience of the eternal love of Ascended Master Teachers and their guidance. To me, the ascension path is the ultimate Hero’s Journey of every Soul and the most expansive, infinite service to others opportunity in all of creation. It is my greatest honor and joy to complete this journey and to openly share my knowledge, experience, and above all, my heart, with you as a member of The Rising Way team – so you, too, can rediscover the Heroes that you truly are and were always meant to be!

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  • Hi my dearest Amber,

    Thank you very much for everything you share in this blog. It is so important to share about the vigilance required for application of that what we know to be true. Or as you said, to put it all to practice, all the time. It needs focus and dedication. Thank you for your honest exploration. We'll keep going, and we'll get better and better at it. Love you lots! 

    • A big 'Yep' to that, dear Amy.  Continuously and consistently is the only way - getting out the 'gunk', consciously living from the inside out, from the heart space (where internal attributes flow as naturally as the breath), with all three kakras aligned etc.etc.etc.- to mastery of the personality and 'killing the ego' to experiencing our true essence....on the way to ascension. What could be better, eh? Resistance doesn't work as we all know. It may 'seem' difficult but I am finding just how simple it really is with truly focused and vigilant practice, putting all the pieces together experientially, and applying ascended teachings with the 'right' focus  While some might call this 'work', the 'work' can also be put through the Passion Pipeline and for me, that is a big realisation that makes my heart sing. I love this path and I love you heaps!  Thank you for your comment and thank you for YOU!

      With love, always,


  • Hi dear Amber and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! I can surely relate to much of what you share here. Remind self to keep it simple. The I Am Breath. Focus on the active ingredients--Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life. I find over and over again that when it feels tricky, it is often the simplest things that help the most. Continuing to practice! Love you dearly and thank you again. Big hug, Orchid 

    • Infinite love and gratitude to you, Dear Orchid, for walking this path with me every step of the way  Your wisdom and love touch my heart and soul with and in between each and every heartbeat. Couldn't do it without you and love you more than words can say 

      Big  and 


  • Dear Amber, I truly enjoyed reading your blog. Very recognizable on many levels... 

    "I still fall back into sometimes having to repeat the very important lessons I am learning as I fulfill my assignment. And I’m not saying that I won’t have difficulty with lessons I have yet to learn. However, I know that when I let go of resistance, do “the work” by applying Ascended teachings as consistently and continuously as I can, celebrating who I really am and where I am going — focusing on Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life from the inside out — then the ascension path not only becomes practical, it truly comes alive!" — Indeed! 

    Much love and a big hug, Jasmine 

    • Hey there, Jasmine, Sis  

      Sharing my 'On the Road' experience with you has been a great honour and joy...every moment...even the 'recognisable' ones,  Big hats off to you , a high five for all that you taught me or helped me with, and over the moon appreciation to Ascended Life and my beautiful ascending family. Love you all dearly, always! 

      Big Hugs and Lotsa Love,


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