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On the Road #11 - Looking Back

This will be my last blog for the On the Road Series. I am many experiences richer, I have gained a deeper understanding of creation, I have become stronger.

Some of my patterns have been seen so clearly that they can’t fool me anymore. There certainly is still a lot more to learn and to be dropped; I am a happy work in progress. 

In the meantime, I do not have the words to explain how much it means to me that we are rising above the limitations and illusions of 3D.

Yes there is still quite a way to go, but having a more expanded and clearer view of the maliciousness of everything coming from the old restricted mind reality makes me ever so grateful to be moving out of this. 

I wish for you to know how grateful I am to you, the reader. How grateful I am to Kwan Yin, for having invited me to write about my journey On the Road. It is a joy and a gift to share with you.

Whenever I know I will be writing about my experiences, I start looking from an observer’s point of view (my higher self gets involved) and through your eyes, you, the reader, who is a part of me to begin with. This changes everything.

It assists me to realize the illusion of reality again and puts me back in charge. More awareness is pulled in easily and I start creating reality from a conscious level as opposed to drifting with what is, just trying to keep my head above the water, if not suffering through the reality I created.

I become my Ascending Self.

Maybe you remember that, throughout my instalments of the On the Road blog series, I wrote about my challenge to keep my own space, my Merkaba, in balance in a reality in which emotions could explode left and right, with the clients of the care facility where I resided 24/7 and even more so with the colleagues living there as well.

I had to come to terms with the fact that these were emotions that had not been acknowledged, seen and dealt with within myself. I saw that in many cases, just for a split second - almost unseen but certainly impactful - emotions would come in for me first when I was faced with a challenging situation.

The truth is, of course, that just labelling a situation as challenging is already defining it and can only come from the limited personality. All of reality is my creation. From a neutral perspective everything just is, only mind would label one thing as challenging and another as easy.

This makes it utterly clear that these emotions belong to the illusion and simply can be let go of.

The tumultuous environment pushed me into reaching deeper within myself than ever before and into learning to maintain this with more vigilance and dissolving the 'spikes' still present within myself. 

Reality is a powerful indicator of how I am doing, how well I am maintaining my Merkaba and whether the active ingredients from inside out have a positive effect on my clients and colleagues. When it does not line up with my intention, I simply need to work harder on managing my own space. I guess you all know what I am talking about. We know it when we are 'back in the space'. Reality becomes a flow and expansion is possible. When we truly choose for this it simply never fails to work that way.

The restriction of mind, its finiteness, and its narrowing pathways, showed up so clearly in my reality, through clients with so-called disorders like dementia, Alzheimers disease and other psychiatric disorders. Repetition, for instance, via the lady whose short-term memory was almost non-existent; the influence of fear for clearly illusionary problems, even from a 3D perspective; the impact this has on the well-being of the clients and seeing that they simply got stuck in this and needed an external point of consciousness to be able to step out of this field of fear again. 

The sadness of seeing that they become such small versions of their personality; they get stuck in fragments of their programming, like hanging on to a handbag for dear life while in truth the handbag does not carry anything substantial. Loops of the personality that I have witnessed on the ascension path showed themselves enlarged in this environment, convincing me even more of the importance of dropping anything that is connected to mind and personality. The illusion of linearity and ageing is part of this too. Seeing the deterioration of matter take place in such a strong and direct way would make anyone think twice before starting to believe in this Grand Illusion again!

For this On the Road journey, an ascension training assignment by Ascended Life, of which I am a student of initiation and ascension, I was asked to focus on two things:

  • Being in Service to Others & explore what this really means;
  • Explore what it means to walk a "very narrow" path for a while.

About that narrow path: As I said, I lived in the care facility that I was assisting, 24/7. It was a very small world, in which, at times, I did not have a private space to myself. Hardly anyone left the facility, except maybe to do some groceries. There were only a few clients, all of which, because of their disorders, created very small loops that they would keep on repeating, over and over again. It made it very clear, although my personality & I had lived a rather small and protected life for the most part, that I am done choosing for smallness ever again. I now don’t allow negative, limiting thoughts about myself, or about what I am capable of. I am focused on expansion and actively on the lookout for what I can do to continue to do so and for what I can do to make my reality a better one, for me and for anyone else around. This is infinite. I am grateful to have seen the contrast this clearly, it helps me make better choices. 

The Service to Others side to this assignment, or any exercise given by Ascended Life, always easily puts me in the heart space. I do love taking care of people and being a light in their day. I know that, this time around, a different way was required. So far, my interpretation of what "Service to Others" actually means, my colouring of it, still could lead to situations that fed the personality too, if you know what I mean. There were still aspects to it that made the personality gain from it. By fully surrendering to the Now, by being fully present with the people I was allowed to work with, I could literally feel a space, a bubble, in which pure connection was happening. I had glimpses of this somehow lifting me beyond myself, as if I clicked into a field of kindness or compassion that is timeless and that is infinite and bigger than just my own world.

Once again, all of this proves to be a beautiful example of how wonderful the process of writing is to me. Only now, as I write you these words, do I come to a place of full clarity regarding Service to Others. What a GIFT! Thank you!

It means the world to me... especially because I am "on the road" again as I write this blog. A new assignment from Ascended Life, a new opportunity, presented itself to me only a number of weeks after my previous experiences in the care facility came to an end.

Yes, I am "on the road" once more... but the big difference between then and now is that now I Am a "living portal" for the Flower of Life... just like you.

One of the tasks that have unfolded during this new assignment, is that I now find myself working with teenagers who are labeled within the autistic spectrum. In my personality life, I had quite some experience in this field... but now, today, I can deepen this beautiful way of Service to Others that I am exploring here.

I am excited to be stepping into the reality spheres I find myself surrounded by as I experience life with these beautiful teenagers.

I am bursting with enthusiasm to enter the worlds that I will find and bring Love home.

More about this in my first blog of a new series that Jasmine Martin, Amber Adams, and I will present on the AscendoSphere starting next week: "The Living Portal" series.

I very much look forward to sharing with you all my new, practical ascension training experiences and insights that this new journey is already gifting me with!

Thank you for being a companion on my Path.

It is a joy to be on this ever expanding adventure together with you. 

I love you,


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The very first time I connected to the information and wisdom presented by the precursors of The Rising Way (starting in 2005), it was clear that this strongly resonated with me. This was what I had been waiting for. Life and reality started to make sense, to my heart as well, and this awakened within me the strong wish to implement these teachings on a practical level. Although it took me some time to understand the depth of commitment that is required for ascension, it has been an incredible journey which has brought me so much growth already. 

I have recently started the path of a seeker and It is my honour to share my experiences, and insights with you. I am very pleased with the depth of information about ascension provided by The Rising Way. Here you too, can learn how to move forward on your path of ascension of self. Since I know how vital it is to walk this path together and learn from each other, I welcome your input, comments or questions. Feel free to post them in comments box or email me via your TRW inbox.

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  • Hi dear Amy, thank you for your wonderful blog You have such a beautiful gift of capturing your audience with your enthusiasm and your truth. And thank you for being your joy - a true example for us all. I very much look forward to your next literary creation and the insights you have gained! Much love, Jasmine

    • Thank you very much dear Jasmine <3 It is so wonderful to be on our current assignment together! And yes, I look forward to my next piece too! So much to share! Love you lots! 

  • Thank you for sharing you heart with us dear Amy. I appreciate your love and your honesty when you write. Can surely feel how a 'narrow path,' such as you walked, can provide an opportunity to observe self deeply. Thank you for you and for your willingness to continue to take a good look at self. Truly, you're an example to all of us of applying the teachings to the best of our ability and consistently (as much as possible) in every moment, choosing for the active ingredients. Sounds so simple, and it is in theory. Thank you for sharing your willingness to walk your talk. Love you very much, Orchid 

  • What a beautiful Being you are Amy* this writing of yours' touches my heart so deeply, it will take its time in me, and reveals with such clear clarity the  depth and loving nature of You...thank you, you open my heart more in this sharing * and with it the revelations of how the journey has expanded real life in the interactions of service to others so much! 

    on a side note, as I have always felt so much more needs to be realized from the children of autism...just today this came to my attention, I hope it inspires and helps you in your new journey :
    This amazing girl proves autism is not what most doctors think! She will amaze you WOW....must share this!!!

    with all my love and very much gratitude & appreciation for your sharing here, Annie

    • Hi dearest Ann,

      Thank you so much for this beautiful reply. It just makes me even more grateful that my writing can assist you and others as well! Thank you for the video! Autism, and then especially what we as a humanity don't know about it yes, fascinates me a lot. 

      Much love to you! 

  • I love you too Amy.

    This is a beautiful blog. I enjoy a lot reading it because the true reality beyond the words is perceived. Expansion is definitely there and wisdom from the heart.

    Thank you


    • Thank you dear Merya, I truly loved writing it is well, because it deepened my insights.

      Love you lots! 

This reply was deleted.

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