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On the Road #12 - Reflections

As ascension students, our Ascended Teachers often give us assignments in order to help us expand and go beyond the personality programs.

Sometimes, these assignments take place ‘on the road,’ when Ascended Life sees that a student needs some sort of a ‘time out’ from direct tuition and practice the basic Ascension Teachings in a different reality bubble.

It just ‘happened’ that this particular ‘on the road’ assignment, which I was fortunate to share with my fellow ascension student Amber, for me in a way was the manifestation of a dream I had begun to dream decades ago – working the land in an eco community.

You might, therefore, understand the deep joy and gratitude I felt upon receiving the email in June 2015 containing instructions for that new vector. By then, I had already been ‘on the road’ for a month or so and was thrilled to meet up with Amber in the south of Spain to start a new adventure together.

We are always guided by our Ascended Teachers, no matter where our reality bubble might be located – a very comforting truth to remember, especially in times when we seemingly live in very different realities. So just after the email had come in, like a wink from Ascended Life, the night guard of the hostel I stayed in at that point (to carry out another assignment), smiled at me and turned up the music. It was Nahko Bear’s Aloha Ke’Akua – a song we often play and that, therefore, has a very special meaning for me. And just to prove a point, he played that song three times in a row. Loud. Then he turned the music down again. It felt like, “We’re always with you. Just focus on the task ahead and celebrate your experience.” An embrace from my Ascended Teachers. Just in case I might have forgotten…

We know by now that when a task has our total focus and our heart is fully in it, we will manifest what we have set out to create swiftly and effortlessly. For me, this first meant to manifest the funds for the journey as quickly as possible, a task my teachers know invariably triggers deep patterning for me. Because of the joyful excitement I felt – and was able to maintain – seeing myself working with Gaia under a southern sun, I was able to use the active ingredients and manifest even more abundance than I needed for the journey.

And so, we were able to reconnect with each other at the agreed upon place and time to continue the next part of the assignment together. We both agreed: we were very grateful that there would always be someone around who would remind us about the purpose of having created that particular reality bubble for ourselves - another being who is on the ascension path to talk to about all things ascension, to watch the latest Hangouts or to listen to a mediation or a channeling, and that together we had the opportunity to create that shared reality bubble in a conscious way, applying the many teachings we had been given in these past years.

It was, therefore, interesting to realize why our first experience would take place on a very rustic ‘eco farm/healing center.’ It really made me understand what it meant to be in 4D and how archetypically the matrix in our mind operated. In this space, one could easily identify with any of the illusions. The 5 to 7 working hours every day involved physical action that especially in the beginning taxed our stamina and strength quite a bit. The place and the farmer reflected a very chaotic state of mind, enlarging mental spaces to the caricaturesque, to literally make me see what I was doing when I allowed archetypes to run the show and identified with those illusions and old parts of self. Obviously, I needed to be confronted by what 3D life was like in such a way, that there couldn’t be a shred of a doubt left why I had made the choice for ascension in the first place. Finiteness versus infinity… 

It was also quite telling that for our second experience we would create the total opposite – a beautiful little house on an Andalusian hilltop with an extremely generous host, who only required us to cook for him and keep the space clean, and whose dictionary did not seem to contain the word ‘lack.’ No physical ‘hardship,’ but instead hours of animated conversations and sightseeing trips with our host, or house and dog sitting in his absence. 

I said ‘telling’ because I can see clearly now that that creation had more to do with service to self, rather than service to others… It explains the nagging feeling I failed to inspect further, which kept telling me that this was too good to be true. Something just did not feel quite right. It was these unconscious parts of ourselves that obviously were convinced to have earned a break – and we had bought into that.

This was not part of the assignment. As such it is clear why that particular creation came to quite an abrupt end after little more than a couple of weeks. Our host’s wife unexpectedly accompanied him back to Spain after his equally unplanned trip to his home country. Her arrival made Amber’s and my help redundant. However, they were happy for us to stay until we had found another place to go to, and they provided us with the funds we needed for the bus trip back to Portugal. 

The third experience reflected a more of balanced way of creating our reality. It was a quaint B&B in the Algarve with and organic permaculture garden to provide the guests of the vegetarian restaurant with an abundance of fresh local produce. The hosting couple was young, easygoing, fun loving and full of passion for the creation of their little haven, and the two lovely helpers were more than pleased to get the much needed assistance for the maintenance of the large garden. It felt like the perfect place to continue our service to others. And for the two short days I stayed there before my assignment came to an end, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent working in that environment. 

Of course there were bumps in the road to test our awareness along the way. I was confronted many times with the pillars and patterns of the personality, which created another chance to deal with a particular situation in a conscious way. As such I am truly grateful to have shared these experiences with my fellow student who helped me to come back to the heart in episodes like these.

What remains above all are the many moments of feeling the love, the joy and the beauty reflected back to us by everything and everyone. There always was an abundance of attributes around us to make it easy to stay in – or go back to – the heart, if we chose to use them in a conscious way.

Connecting and interacting with Gaia on the grassroots level, so to speak, to me was an almost intimate rekindling of an ancient flame. I could sit on a rock for the longest time, tremendously enjoying the views, talking to the animals and plants around me, feeling completely at peace with myself and my creation.

Also, the connections we made with the many helpers that came upon our path, especially on the farm, were truly heartwarming and uplifting. Each of them offered a piece of my puzzle-of-understanding-self, reflecting both my stronger and weaker aspects. They felt like young, adventurous aspects of self, following their heart. Teaching us by example and reminding us of the lightness of being. 

I am deeply grateful to my teachers for having given me this wonderful assignment with its countless opportunities to let me experience the stark difference between consciously created realities, and those that manifested when unconscious aspects were running the show.

There is still a lot for me to learn and drop. It’s all a matter of the right focus, sustained, not allowing anything that feels less than perfect to cloud my perception. 

As such, I am very excited to continue with my sharing of new insights and experiences with you in our next series of ‘on the road’ blogs, called The Living Portal.

As the Living Portals that all of us now have become, I look forward to continue sharing my story and my exploration of the ascension path with you.

With love,

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  • Hi dear Jasmine, 

    Thank you very much for your reflections. I just love the way in which you connected to Gaia and are able to take the reader there too! I am very excited to be on our current assignment together! Great to be creating magic together and practicing and learning a lot in the process. Love you very much. 

    Love, Amy 

    • Thank you, dearest Amy, for your precious comment and for your undying support. I am very happy to be 'on the road' together with you. And yes, let's create some magic

      Love you very dearly, Jasmine

  • Hi dearest Jasmine and thank you for sharing your perspective of these experiences. Interesting sometimes what we can see upon reflection, 'looking back.' At least for myself, sometimes can't see it all 'when I'm in it.' It truly feels they were life-changing experiences that kind of show us what we want (and what we don't!) Thank you for sharing these treasure of the heart with us! Love you dearly and thank you for all that you are! All my love, Orchid 

    • Hi dear Orchid, thank you for sharing your insight about reflection. It is indeed true that these insights often come 'after the fact,' once we see things from the observer point of view again. Writing helps me a lot on that level and often opens up to the bigger picture.

      Love you with all my heart


  • As I read the blogs of the On The Road series by you, dear Jasmine, as well as by Amy and Amber, my heart embraces you in so much Love and tenderness. Beloved Kwan Yin snd Ascended Life are honing Precious Diamonds in you; and now you are emerging into individual Radiant, Brilliant Awesome Living Portals.
    Bless you
    Love you
    • Hello sweet Ami, your words always touch my heart instantly. Thank you for your precious presence and your uplifting way of expressing yourself.

      Big hug and all my love, Jasmine

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi dear Shalalea, thank you for your comment  Sharing is a wonderful way for me to look at self... not always fun, as you said, but very enlightening and necessary. I'm happy to be able to continue with our new series, The Living Portal. Much love, Jasmine 

This reply was deleted.

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