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Having spent the last five weeks up here in the Sierra Nevada has not only instilled a serene peacefulness within me but also activated a sense of freedom I have never experienced before.

As ascension students, we learn to create our reality with the active ingredients of love, joy, freedom, truth, and life — beautiful words, but as long as we don’t walk our talk, they are just that, words. They are theory. Without love, none of the other ingredients can be activated. And there is love here — lots of it! 

Thirty four years ago, the owner of this place hiked up into the Sierra with his wife, guided by his heart, to find a piece of land where he could not only build an existence off the grid, but above all, create a holistic healing centre for everyone who needed a time out from their daily lives. He felt guided to this incredibly beautiful part of the Sierra Nevada, a piece of land complete with a house, four springs, and enough space for planting vegetables and fruit to be self sustaining and allow the few horses and goats to graze throughout the long Andalusian summer. 

There is only one unpaved access road leading up the steep mountains, a two hour drive over rocky terrain from the nearest village in the valley. His neighbors are few and far between. It takes a special breed of humans to live here year-long. The summers are hot with virtually no rainfall for months on end and the winters can be harsh and cold. No one is “on the grid” as this meseta is just too remote to be connected to any electrical net. Television, phone, and internet access — necessities for the farmers to stay in touch with each other and up to date with world events and the only concession to “modern” life of this particular farm — is provided by satellite. A small wind turbine and a few solar panels generate the power for the computer, the electrical fence, and the few LED lights around the farm.

This place has something magical. Due to how it is situated on the slopes of the highest mountain peak in the area, you are not only overlooking a big part of the meseta but you also have an incredible view of the surrounding mountain range — and that from the dining table outside. The high altitude (the farm is 1500m above sea level), the dry climate (humidity is about 10%), and the absence of any pollution, keep the air up here pure and clear. The occasional Sahara dust blowing over from North Africa and covering the Sierra with a yellowish haze usually dissipates quickly. Most days, a cooling breeze makes even the hottest months up here very bearable. 

Imagine the night sky at this altitude! I’ve hardly ever seen the Milky Way with its gazillion stars so clearly without binoculars. It’s an absolutely stunning reality bubble. I often take my blanket outside to spend the night under the stars, caressed by the slight breeze and lulled into sleep by whispering leaves. Sometimes I’m awakened by the grunting of a wild boar in the distance or the barking of the two farm dogs that, because of the heat, mostly sleep through the day and are active at night. These are blissful nights that greatly add to the sense of freedom, which is so clearly reflected in every attribute around me. 

As it is too hot to work on the fields in the early hours of the afternoon, we have adopted the Spanish custom of a siesta after lunch until around 5pm. In these hours we are free to do whatever we like to do. Many tend to take a nap for at least part of the three hours. Unlike others, I cannot stay inside. Fortunately, I found a hammock buried somewhere in a corner, which has become my favorite place to hang out during siesta time. Gently rocking between two trees with the sun peaking through the leaves and the scent of flowers, trees, and woodsmoke drifting through the air, I feel peaceful. 

Having watched Kwan Yin & Orchid's amazing Ascension Hangout on Monday, July 27, the responsibility we carry for the creation of our individual reality bubble has really hit home. Any personality issues that might come up, quickly vanish into nothingness. What counts is the love we share, the joy for being in this incredibly beautiful space, and everyone’s wish to make this experience one to remember. 

At the moment, there are three young women in their early thirties besides Amber and myself to assist the farmer, each of them beautiful beings from very different backgrounds with whom we quickly clicked into a very harmonious whole. The distribution of the daily tasks unfolds naturally as everyone truly enjoys doing something very different for a change. Where one might take easily to handling the rather heavy scythe to mow the long grass, another is more comfortable with milking the goats or solving the farmer’s computer issues. There is a community spirit here and an innate drive to create a harmonious reality together, which creates a beautiful bond among the people who come to work here.

There really is something about this place that changes people. Any negative thoughts or words don’t seem to be able to get a foothold for longer than a few minutes and are completely forgotten as quickly as they came. There is a mutual respect for everyone’s individual path, his or her beliefs and reasons for being here.

This then is when the sense of freedom is being activated, when you allow yourself and the “other” to be who and whatever you wish to be at any given moment — no conditions, just joy and gratitude for being here. 

And so the Flower of Life is unfolding…



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  • Thank you, dear Jasmine. It is such a joy to read your blogs. You always manage to take me to the magic you are experiencing. Great to hear about how you are working with the internal attributes and how you see this reflected in your reality. Enjoy your adventures, I look forward to your next blog.

    Lots of love ❤
    • Dear Amy, happy you enjoy my blogs. It truly is a magical place up here. Surrounded by so much beauty definitely helps to activate the internal attributes! 

      Lots of love to you too


  • A Paradise, indeed.
    Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses, to my beautiful Sisters, Jasmine and Amber.

    • Big hugs and much love to you, dear Lina 

  • Hi Jasmine and thank you again for sharing a 'snapshot' of your life in the Sierra Nevada. Thank you as well for writing about unconditional freedom, a freedom born in the heart, that is not contingent on what is said or done by 'others.' A freedom that no one can take away from us. Enjoy your experiences there and looking forward to what you share with us next. And love the photos! xxx Orchid 

    • Dear Orchid, being up here in the Sierra Nevada, living with an ever changing bunch of beautiful people is helping me so much to truly feel the activation of the internal attributes like never before.  I am deeply grateful for this incredible experience. 

      Much love to you 


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