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I am sitting in the guest house of a holistic healing center amid 28 hectares (or a bit more than 60 acres) of beautiful mountainous land in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the south of Spain and I am blissfully enjoying this moment with a heart kakra on full throttle (although as blissful as it feels, I suspect there may be even more throttles to come and wow, that really floats my boat!).

I am here on assignment from my Ascended Master Teachers as an ascension student on the personal ascension path to explore “tools of the trade” that can be adapted for the many Ascension Centers that The Rising Way will create around the globe over the years to come. I arrived here with my fellow ascension student, Jasmine Martin, on June 18th. 

Today is the first time that we have had two full back-to-back days of rest and the first real opportunity I have had to write for the AscendoSphere or The Rising Way e-magazine, having fully focused on our duties and tasks as volunteers in service to others and to the center here in Spain. It has been in dire need of assistance in: setting up and repairing irrigation systems and repairing them again (and again); clearing, digging and preparing many beds in two very large gardens for planting the spring crops that could not be planted earlier due to a dearth of volunteers; cleaning, repairing and water-proofing a leaking spring that serves as the main water supply to all of the gardens; twice daily milking of the goats and caring for the horses, preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards, and many other chores and projects that are necessary to contribute to the smooth functioning and expected growth of this unique and amazing place.

It is a place for holistic healing, restoration, and renewal for all who take the 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 hour trek up the mountain. Sometimes it’s more, depending on one’s pace, the quality of one’s shoes for steep mountain climbing over old Roman roads with rocks strewn all over the steepest parts of the way, as well as how much baggage one chooses to carry. All this for people to lend their hands, expertise and hearts to contribute to re-establishing this center which has been in operation since 1981 but has experienced a significant decline in recent years.

A huge amount of work has been required from the diverse group of changing volunteers who showed up about the time we came and continue to arrive. It has been a steady stream of absolutely beautiful souls from around the world coming and going based on their time commitments and the pursuit of their own dreams and passions.

One practical “tool of the trade” I definitely recommend for summer in this climate is to establish a daily siesta Spain and Portugal style — a necessity in the dry summer heat of a location in southern Spain that is 1500 meters above sea level. Some people sleep, others meditate, someone might use the time for yoga practice. Whatever we all do with this time, it is welcome on a summer day in July!

Here on the farm, I am seeing us using these experiences to expand our understanding and experience of love and all of the active ingredients of creation. If we choose, we can use them to create real change in our lives, in large and small ways. For example, one thing I am addressing is a fear of heights and a fear of steep slopes, you know, the kind that most of us would consider to be optimal for goats and not necessarily for humans in my humble opinion….lol. But seriously, I am seeing changes in myself that feel beneficial and it makes me smile.

I am learning, bit by bit, to welcome the experience of a more feminine way, a more gentle and fluid way of being.  And it’s a nice feeling! 

As Zyona has said through Jeshua in The Art of Expression:

“What the heart wants to do is based on love…It has been said jokingly by some on this planet that love is the only answer, but it truly is! Let love be your colors. Let joy be your canvas. And let freedom be the act of painting and you will make of your life one moment of totality which feminine will be so full and complete that it moves into all the other moments [and all of your lifetimes]…and the walls of dimension, be it vertical or be it quantum, will disappear.”

And as Nahko Bear sings as Aloha Ke Akua pours out of my Mp3 player (paraphrased somewhat for brevity and changed to the plural):

What is the purpose, what is the purpose

Would we believe it if we knew what we were for

And how we became so informed

Bodies of info performing such miracles

We are miracles made up of particles

And in this existence we’ll stay persistent

We’ll make a difference

And we would have lived it

And the day that we don’t wake up and transcend the holy make-up

We are capable

We are powerful

We are on our way 

To a different place

We know what we are for

And how we became so informed

Bodies of info

Performing such miracles

And in this existence we’ll stay persistent

We’ll make a difference

And we would have lived it.

Aloha Ke Akua to one and all! Life is a miracle and so are we all. 

With the deepest of love, 


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Before I dedicated myself to the ascension path, I had been a spiritual seeker for many years. I learned to open my heart, the importance of self-love, and a LOT of spiritual information. It was never enough to fill the underlying feeling that there was much more to learn and to experience to connect to the greater mysteries of the Soul, that despite all of my growth, I could never fully touch. Always passionate about service to others, I walked in many people’s shoes, shared my heart and joy as openly as I could, and created many projects to improve the lives of others. This all changed when I stepped onto the path of personal ascension. There is simply no comparison to anything that came before, especially the direct experience of the eternal love of Ascended Master Teachers and their guidance. To me, the ascension path is the ultimate Hero’s Journey of every Soul and the most expansive, infinite service to others opportunity in all of creation. It is my greatest honor and joy to complete this journey and to openly share my knowledge, experience, and above all, my heart, with you as a member of The Rising Way team – so you, too, can rediscover the Heroes that you truly are and were always meant to be!

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  • Hi dear Amber, I really enjoyed reading about "our" experiences from your point of view. What a grand place this is to practice our reality creation! There is so much to learn. And yes, being able to listen to Nahko Bear's beautiful song time and time again never fails to open my heart! 

    Much love, 


    • Full agreement from me for sure, dear Sis! So happy to learning with you here and everywhere! 

  • Hi dear Amber--thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. It feels a very special space you're in with plenty of opportunities for expanding the heartspace. And enjoying the beauty of Gaia all around you. Happy to be hearing from you and hope that you enjoy every moment! Love you always, Orchid 

    • Thank you Sis! It really is a special place where love is the most active ingredient matched only by the beauty and joy of it all! Love you, too!!!

  • Hi my dearest Amber, it must be so stunning where you are. Every description I have seen so far speaks of lots of nature and beauty! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all, and thank you for the wonderful quote by Zyona. The Nakho Bear song is one of my favourites to listen to also! Enjoy your adventures, I look forward to read more about them. Love you always, Amy
    • Hi, dear Amy with a heartfelt and infinite gratitude to be sharing our ascension adventures here on the AscendoSphere....and more! It is absolutely stunning here, for sure! The pictures Jasmine sent are a grand indication but they only touch the surface. We often listen to Nahko Bear and can be found singing it out loud quite often (almost have all of the words in  memory now, hi hi). Much love always, Amber

  • Lots of LOVE, Sweet Sister   

    • Back atcha in spades as they say, akene to akene, dearest Lina! Love you gobs and gobs! 

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