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“You create your reality in your own local universe”

— Ekara, The Six Simplicities 

What I so enjoy about this place is the silence, or rather the absence of any mechanical sounds — just the susurration of the wind, the humming of the insects, the soft babbling of the spring and the happy twittering of dozens of birds I don’t even know the names of. And whereas I love working on a project as part of a team, I truly treasure the moments I’m alone with nature.

Early on, the farmer had put me in charge of the irrigation of the fields. This means I have to keep track of when the planted and seeded beds get watered. It is the first thing I do every morning before breakfast, which generally takes me about an hour — my alone time. It is a mediation for me.

Focused on ‘my job,’ I love to listen to the symphony of Mother Nature. It’s amazing to hear the diverse sounds of the trees when the wind whispers through their leaves. A pine tree sings another song than a palm tree or a deciduous tree and a leafy bush sounds quite different than a meadow full of dry thistles. Accompanied by the sounds of this meseta, I adjust the sprinklers and inspect the growth of the many vegetables we planted or sowed in the eight weeks Amber and I have been here.

All of these beautiful external attributes are very conducive to keeping the internal ingredients of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life activated. However, this “On the Road” experience wouldn’t be what it is if I were not faced with challenges from time to time. I’m not here to sit on the mountain and meditate all day long — just from time to time to see the sunset.

I find my challenges mostly in the illusions of form, exchange, and — obviously —  separation

Like I said earlier, I see the farmer himself as a teacher. Some of his beliefs about healthy food for example — food has always been one of my major issues in the illusion of form — and the preparation and storage thereof are quite peculiar, if not unorthodox in my view, and most are diametrically opposed to my own belief systems. I’ve since understood that germs simply don’t seem to be part of his reality creation. 

It’s a reality in which cooked food is stored on the kitchen floor (according to the farmer, the coolest place of the house during the summer months, at around 25º C) and doesn’t make you sick, even if it is reheated day after day until every last bit is finished. It is a reality in which frying pans never get cleaned or else food will stick to the bottom, dirty farm hands are washed in the water the dishes will be soaked in, and removing cob webs is a redundant activity and a waste of time as they will come back anyway… Yep, it’s challenge after challenge for a personality with a very different perspective on hygiene. I’ve questioned what went wrong with my reality creation many times until I found the gift in this reflection: None of the above matters. 

I’m not proud to say that I’ve also often fallen for personality identification when, for example, the farmer changes his directives after hours of work which then have to be undone or when he gets angry when we don’t know how certain tasks need to be carried out and we ask “stupid” questions we “should know” the answers to. Things like that really used to upset me until I realized that with so many volunteers coming and going (he’s had more than a thousand already), he could not possibly remember to whom he told what. I’ve finally come to a place now where I can laugh about these things, shrug off his remarks and just do what needs to be done. I can do this even if we have to take a load of manure off a plant bed because he has changed his mind and now wants to plant carrots instead of pumpkins.

What I also find interesting is to observe my physical vessel that daily gets tested quite a bit with all the work that needs to happen around the farm: deep loosening of dozens and dozens of square meters of earth, collecting many bags of horse manure from all over the pastures, digging up the mud of the dried up pond for further fertilization and carrying the buckets to the various beds, cutting and raking umpteen bales of grass for mulching (manually), planting and seeding the beds etc, all the while walking up and down the hill many times a day. All of this in an old reality would put a constant strain on just about every muscle, joint, and ligament in my body.

However, this physical vessel seems to have a new ability to restore itself very quickly every single time. The arms might ache after a morning of carrying buckets of mud but that is gone within a couple of hours. Of course you could argue that this continuous exercising will strengthen the body but I have not experienced such a quick recovery in the past. If, however, I go as far as just mentioning aching arms to someone, I will keep feeling them for days — I create my reality after all. It’s really much easier to not only tell myself that I’m fine but to know. Because I am. I attribute this to our changing DNA and the Flower of Life returning to this universe. Pretty awesome!

When I’m not busy entangling myself within the illusions or being caught up in the odd personality game, I’m starting to play with reality creation with the understanding that anything is possible and miracles do happen. I’ll give you an example. There are four springs providing the house and the land with water. The farmer wants us to check the ‘house spring’ regularly as this is an unusually hot summer and the springs have started to run low more than a month earlier than normal. The steady flow of the house spring I encountered in June has indeed already turned into a slow trickle. This means that we can’t have showers or wash our clothes near the house but have to go down to the garden, which gets its water from another and slightly stronger spring. 

However, I was convinced that with the amount of rain we had recently, the water would start flowing more abundantly again. As such, I was very happy to report back that not only had the water started to flow steadily again, but that there were two continuous streams of water flowing into the reservoir. The farmer, however, was adamant. “That’s impossible. This never happens and besides, the rainfall amounted to nothing anyway.” When I checked the next day, the water had resumed its slow, single trickle. “I told you that you must have seen pigs fly” the farmer said…

This example has made me understand clearly that this is how I have uncreated many things just by reaching back to a past experience instead of giving a new creation a chance to manifest. I’m very grateful for our ‘training wheels’ because — as much as I would like to remember this at all times — I still sometimes do the exact same thing the farmer did.

On another note, my intuition is getting stronger — or at least I’d like to think so. Just before I fell asleep the other night, I had a strong feeling to check the electrical fence of the horse pasture for a short circuit. The next morning, the switch panel indeed indicated that this was the case. For the second time in a few weeks, I was given the fun task — I love the walk up the valley in the early morning as the light is so incredibly beautiful — of inspecting the entire perimeter of the fence to find the faulty wiring. I did find it and I repaired it… but then I also wondered whether I had created the short circuit in the first place. Can’t think of a reason why I would — I can walk up the valley any time I want to — but this short circuit was in my reality and, therefore, I have to be at least partially responsible for its creation. 

This then is something I would love to learn more about. How can we be sure whether something that is popping into our mind is intuition rather than a thought we send out that creates our reality? 

Yes, I’m really happy we have got our training wheels for a couple more weeks as there are still some holes and bumps in the road that can make me trip quite unexpectedly. Lately though, I feel it is becoming easier for me to stay in the heart space and to just be who and what I am in any moment without giving it any definition. And even though my reality bubble is a bit quirky, it is a perfect reflection of everything that is part of me — the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly! 



Hello, I am Jasmine. I’m a student of ascension — first and foremost. I’m a writer because of that and I’m passionate about both. On this path of making known the unknown, experiences, insights, and magic abound! These then I would like to share with you. Ascension has become practical.

You have found the AscendoSphere, and this means that you are interested in the practical aspects of ascension. On my site you’ll find my experiences and a-ha moments poured into blogs, articles and bleeps — and maybe even into a poem or two. It is my wish to inspire you and trigger you to dig deep. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions and your input by mail. I will assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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  • I enjoy reading  these words Jasmine. 

    Thank You for the nice pictures as well. 



  • I so resonate with you Jasmine ,. Thank you, it's a beautifully written article a true expression of your heart ❤️
  • I love your blog Jasmine! Thank you for your beautiful way of writing and for your honesty about the things we of course encounter on our 'On the Road' trips. Thank you very, very much for bringing up the question about a thought popping in coming from intuition or actually being there to create reality.  It is one that has intrigued me for a long time as well! Sending you lots and lots of love! 

    • Hi dear Amy, so happy you liked my blog . I do often wonder how things we 'encounter' in our reality have been created... Very much looking forward to the answer

      Love you 

  • Hi dear Jasmine--great blog! Fascinating exploration into reality creation! I have questions as well. I many times wonder if what I'm creating is coming from the heart or if it is a thought pattern in disguise. We're learning to navigate. Your question has been added to our list of questions that will be answered in the show, 'Conversations with Ascended Life,' which I am really looking forward to! Thanks for what you share with us--it's truly a gift and I appreciate it! Love always, Orchid 

    • Hi dear Orchid, thank you for your lovely comment. I am thrilled that my question will be answered by Ascended Life. I've been pondering this for quite a while... 

      Love you 

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