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Reality Creation in an Ascension House

Felt to share a bit more of our collective experience of reality creation with you—

It’s becoming undeniably clear that when we allow something into our field that is an emotional reaction and we do not feel good, how quickly it can take us out of our desired reality. For example, if we allow ourselves to feel irritation, if we allow ourselves to feel superiority or inferiority, or unworthiness—it’s interesting to observe how the mind finds a way to reconcile these mental patterns so that we will feel justified in continuing on a less than desirable trajectory.

When we make a choice to go down a particular path energetically, a less than loving path, we allow a cascade of thoughts that follow this initial choice. This one choice point results in us moving away from the heartspace that we desire for ourselves; a space, by the way, that’s feeling more and more real on a daily basis as our choice for this reality is strengthening.  

When we choose mental fields, the mind, as it copies consciousness, expertly convinces us that we are continuing to expand and that we’re in a ‘good space.’

Thankfully, we demonstrate to ourselves everyday that all the seeming contradictions, all of the complexity, all the convoluted thinking and the analysis— simply dissolves when we’re in a loving space—not an airy fairy idea of love—but in our experience—a shared akeneic field—as we expand upon our creation of The Rising Way.  

If one holds on to mental patterns and the emotions which go along with them, one is literally living in a limiting, self created reality.

There is an element of surrender to the divine feminine required—a letting go of a masculine, left brain analysis of what we feel so justified in feeling—which is ultimately a fabrication of the mind, thoughts that are not even ours but are being fed to us specifically to prevent us from moving forward on the path of ascension.

There is a potent choice point and it is the first thought. It’s becoming vital to acknowledge the ‘point of entry.’ When we are able do this, we can ‘nip the pattern in the bud,’ the pattern that takes us down a mental road. When we do not make this choice, a cluster of thoughts rapidly develops and we can find ourselves hours later, in the same mental field and wondering why we feel ‘bad.’

If we catch the initial thought as it comes into our field, it is feeling that there is a ‘quickening’ of sorts in that we can more efficiently fine tune our choices of what fields we occupy and we can then maintain with more regularity the energetic field of our choosing, i.e. the heartspace. 

In this space, we can so easily create beauty. And this is the space in which we can clearly see the truth of what we have been told over and over again by ascended life: it is a choice. It is one simple choice. We can choose this for ourselves in one moment and make it so. It is simply a matter of where we choose to place our focus. 

We then see, right before our eyes, what a human calls magical reality creation. We find ourselves living in a space of beauty, filled with loving thoughts—for ourselves, for each other, and for our creations—and feeling tremendous excitement at what lies before us. What is interesting is that this field is feeling  much more ‘real’ than the mental one we used to occupy rather consistently. 

It’s fascinating to observe how a ‘new reality’ is created. In this new space, we literally sometimes cannot even remember what it felt like to not be in the space of the heart. This is our new reality and as we’ve been taught, the old problematic one simply evaporates. Eventually, we don’t even remember what it felt like to live there.

We are literally re-programming the mind as we make a very clear choice regarding what we choose to focus upon. 

This is not a mental process. It is about us ‘being our choice.’ It is about us emitting it. 

Whatever lower frequencies were there, whatever upsets we were feeling—can literally dissolve in this space of love. 

And in this space we feel at home—for this space is our true nature. 

Many of us can feel the resonance in our hearts of these words. To actually have this experience, for real, in a concrete way, in our daily experience, is one of the many gifts of living in an ascension house. 

As has been written before, a constant focus is required. The program has a myriad of ways to pull us back into the false reality we used to believe was real—body programs, little irritations, emotional reactions among one another—it is so important to catch them in the moment. 

For it really has to do with not only reaching this expansive  space but then maintaining it. The stronger our focus on the path of ascension, and—very important— taking action to move us forward on the path—the more we will see that these things that influenced us in the past will simply dissolve and will have less and less power to affect us. 

Which proves that they were never real to begin with. It proves to us what ascended life has been telling us—

Only love is real.

Ascended life invites us into this space over and over again. We are taught by example. Until we remember. 

If we want to progress on the path of personal ascension, what is required is a practical understanding of this process. Our experience cultivates this understanding.

The AscendoSphere & The Rising Way are here to introduce you to this practical understanding—a precious gift— the gift of remembering our eternal nature within a space of unconditional love and expansion—a gift to all who have somehow kept this flame alive in the heart and who are now ready to take the next step in the evolution of the soul.

We all feel a huge excitement bubbling up as we are now able to share this path with you! The most magical of rides……



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The past four years have been a vey profound journey of self discovery on the path of personal ascension. Along the way, I’ve come to see that I’m surely not who I thought I was. It’s been refreshing to say the least. If I can help make your path a little more graceful, that would make me smile! This is what it’s about—helping each other.

I’m over the moon excited to be connecting with you via our podcasts, videos, study groups and blogs! There’s a LOT of expansive information to share! I’m immensely grateful to have a role in creating a thriving, interactive community, dedicated to the serious study of personal ascension, actively encouraging and supporting each other. The warmest of welcomes to The Rising Way!

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