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I have to say, being on the personal ascension path for some time now, I continue to appreciate more and more the beauty of simplicity.

When we are in a ‘mental space’—meaning when we buy into what we could call the ‘lowest version of ourselves’—things can seem so complicated!

And then, ‘what is the solution’ ….. mind is trying to ‘figure things out’ …..

When we are in the space of the heart, everything feels so simple. The answer, without fail, is stunningly obvious.

The mind cannot grasp this. The mind will never figure things out. It will only take us deeper into the rabbit hole. 

Cultivating stillness, being honest with self, being willing to do the necessary inner work—on an ongoing basis—will bring us to a place where we’re able to see our ‘blind spots.’

And then, thankfully, we can even have a chuckle about how difficult we made things for ourselves while we thought we were expanding….lol

It’s not as difficult as we ‘think’ it is.



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The past four years have been a vey profound journey of self discovery on the path of personal ascension. Along the way, I’ve come to see that I’m surely not who I thought I was. It’s been refreshing to say the least. If I can help make your path a little more graceful, that would make me smile! This is what it’s about—helping each other.

I’m over the moon excited to be connecting with you via our podcasts, videos, study groups and blogs! There’s a LOT of expansive information to share! I’m immensely grateful to have a role in creating a thriving, interactive community, dedicated to the serious study of personal ascension, actively encouraging and supporting each other. The warmest of welcomes to The Rising Way!

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