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The Cosmic Manifest Changed My Life!

While on a neighbourhood walk, I picked up the camera to record a little message just for you.

I wanted to share a bit of my experiences with The Cosmic Manifest, a channeled metaphysical library in 124 parts, and part of the larger Imzaia Material that consists of 500+ episodes, all focusing on personal & planetary ascension, cosmic mastery, and so much more.

The Cosmic Manifest changed my life. The entire library is now currently being re-released on the AscendoSphere absolutely free of charge, and you're invited to check it out!

If you're interested, go to the AscendoSphere's main page and select "Imzaia Classics" in the main video player to watch episodes of The Cosmic Manifest.



Hello, I am Jasmine. I’m a student of ascension — first and foremost. I’m a writer because of that and I’m passionate about both. On this path of making known the unknown, experiences, insights, and magic abound! These then I would like to share with you. Ascension has become practical.

You have found the AscendoSphere, and this means that you are interested in the practical aspects of ascension. On my site you’ll find my experiences and a-ha moments poured into blogs, articles and bleeps — and maybe even into a poem or two. It is my wish to inspire you and trigger you to dig deep. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions and your input by mail. I will assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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  • It is with great happiness and much joy that I watch this little video of yours on line and on this beautiful platform created by Kwan Yin for us to share our heart with the world.

    What a cool feeling of Unity it gives me. As I am working now on the translation of the Cosmic Manifest, The I AM Presence by Jeshua, I cannot agree more with what you say here, specially the timeless and preciousness of the information and how the holographic nature of these messages becomes more evident by lectures! 

    Almost 10 years now with the treasure box of the Cosmic Manifest opened for all humanity for free... 

    Love, love, love 


  • Hey dear Jasmine! Thank you for sharing a little bit of you with all of us! Could not agree more with what you say about The Cosmic Manifest. The truth is of course that this series is foundational to the understanding of the Ascension process. It is immensely powerful work, full of the love that Ascended Life has for humanity. Now it is all getting real. For all of us. The December portal is not far away....Love, Orchid 

  • WoW, Jasmine, I loved, loved, loved this spontaneous video...and the message....just bowled me over in its sincerity and joy... so beautiful and full of heart!  I know what an incredible experience being part of the Cosmic Manifest when it was first released was and is and always will be for you, dear Sis! Having become a direct ascension student a bit later, I haven't had the FULL CM experience yet and I am definitely LOVING the re-releases here! They are so timeless and powerful, they just aren't to be missed, as well as being super-relevant NOW  (So anyone reading this comment, please be sure to check them out! ) Celebrating you, dear Jasmine, with all of my heart and love, always  You knocked this one out of the ballpark, the solar system, and beyond! 

    All my Love,


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