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The Fear of Living

Letting go of who we thought we were, of our aspects, patterns, preferences – in short, letting go of the non self is what the ascension path is all about.

Once you seriously start letting go of your personality aspects, fear will try to occupy your mind big time. Not knowing who you are if you’re not that can scare the bejesus out of you. 

The question, “Who am I?” inevitably comes up in everyone who has made a commitment to redefine him/herself. We’ve become used and attached to the personality we’ve been saddled up with, a mental construct defined by three pillars of identification, an ego, and patterning galore, and further imprinted during early childhood. Or later in life. And nothing of that is real, yet we’ve bought into it hook, line, and sinker. We firmly believe that this is who and what we are. 

So when we learn that this is not the case and that our personality basically is but a figment of our imagination, it can come in as quite a shock. To say the least.

The fear of not knowing will show up as resistance to change, and the more you change or at the very least have made the decision to change, the more things you let go of, the more resistance will show up.

This resistance can take many forms. It comes in as mental fields and old patterning in an attempt to pull you out of consciousness. It can show up in your body as “old” physical ailments that pop up unexpectedly. Your technical devices might malfunction; your car might refuse to start. Your partner might come down with a serious illness. And I could come up with a myriad of other ways resistance will try to stop you from remembering who you truly are. 

This mental – and, therefore, finite – construct of a personality does not want to die to make space for a new and conscious one. It does not want to leave the comfort zone of what it knows, even if that comfort zone is not making you feel good in the first place. 

People always talk about the fear of death. It is not the fear of death that holds us back but the fear of living. 

Our experience of a lifetime locked into a personality is usually one that operates in survival mode, running on the hamster wheel of repetition. From cradle to grave. That is not living even if it is termed that way in this 3D realm. I would rather call it existing. 

Consciousness is life, and living means creating your reality with the building blocks of love, joy, freedom, truth and life.  

Life starts within. And we start coming alive when the three kakras – the head kakra (Akonai), the heart kakra (Akene), and the passion kakra in the belly (Adonai) – are aligned. Then we emit those building blocks. This is how we change our reality in a conscious way.

“It’s not easy. It’s not difficult. It just is.”
– Kwan Yin

It really is that simple – or it could be at least, if we stayed out of our head and thought with our heart. As long as we stay in our comfort zones, we won’t know what life truly is. Expansion can only occur when we step out of that confining space. Magic only happens outside the comfort zone. And since that is the great unknown, that is what we’re really afraid of.

This then is why we are on our ascension path. We are learning how to live an infinite life, unhampered by confining parameters and belief systems that lock us into a finite existence. And yes, it can be damn uncomfortable to let go of what we thought we were when we're in a mental space, but for consciousness it's the most exciting adventure ever!

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