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"All of you carry this knowledge, all of you share these insights that we have been talking about for years now. And all of you have gotten frustrated. All of you find yourselves at a point where you no longer know what to do and where you get frustrated over the basics really. Where you get frustrated over how to get in your heart. Where you get frustrated over little things, like generating money. Where you get frustrated over fear that stops you from making certain choices. Where you get frustrated over believing in what you believe in and yet not see the results in your reality."

– Ekara, The Ascended Senses part 1
Alchemy of Ascension Series

This is what Ekara said to us back in 2009 in The Ascended Senses, part 2 of the Alchemy of Ascension Series of the Imzaia Library archives, and it is the exact space I’ve found myself in quite a number of times lately.

Let me explain.

Now that, since the collapse of the 4th dimension, the archetypes are no longer being fed and their building blocks are separating again into attributes and aspects, it has often felt to me like wading through some sort of sticky goo consisting of these attributes and aspects.

And while the escape hatch has always been right there for me, I seemed unable to reach for it.

With everything I have learnt by now, it is one thing to identify with old patterns. It is quite another, however, that I would choose to stay in a place of suffering – incomprehensible, really, from a conscious observer's point of view. It has become so much easier to deal with our patterning now that the attributes and aspects have become powerless…

So why would I willingly give my power away to them? 

There is only one answer: resistance.

There are unconscious aspects within that stick their feet in the ground like a stubborn mule, unwilling to move. Those aspects are holding on for dear life, and in those moments I let them because of the resistance to change, to let go of the comfort zone of the personality – the unwillingness really to create something new and more expansive in every moment…

All of Ascended Life has spoken about this very resistance in just about every message and given us many a tool to assist us in any possible way. We know that we could ascend in a flash. Yet, we don’t. We make ascension into a process because of our resistance to let go and step into the unknown in full trust. Resistance is lurking in the wings, intent on playing its part with every step towards expansion and growth. 

We can easily break through, however, with a clear and sustained focus on our ascension vector.

As always, the only way out is in. It’s just a choice.

“It’s not as difficult as you think it is,” Ekara said in The Six Simplicities.

The stubborn mule inside, however, has a different opinion about that.

As you might know, I am currently ‘on the road’ again to continue my Service to Others assignment. I am deeply grateful to be sharing this experience with another ascension student, Amy. It is a true blessing to have someone next to you to kick your behind when the need arises.

And sometimes it does... 

Being ‘on the road’ provides us with a beautiful opportunity to be the Living Portal with the active ingredients of love, joy, freedom, truth, and life in place and spread the Flower of Life geometry over many parts on Gaia’s skin.

Feeling into that, really makes my heart sing.

With everything that has happened lately, on Earth and beyond, the beauty that is unfolding as a result of all the grand changes – the rise in consciousness, the undoing of the mind matrix, the ley lines and chakra systems shutting down, the Flower of Life reemerging, the Saturn and Moon matrices ceasing to exist, the planets being able to take up their original function again (re the Solar Activations Webinar), and the very recent collapse of the 4th dimension – there cannot be a shred of doubt left that we have entered a completely different paradigm.

The power of creation is in our hands, or hearts rather, and with that comes a great responsibility, as Solarys reminded us many times in The Three Year Renewal. It is our responsibility to work with the active ingredients only, to use our ascended and ascending senses to navigate our reality at all times. 

Therefore, in times of mental funk, I turn to the many teachings offered by Ascended Life to assist me with realigning myself with my ascension vector. I am aware that watching or listening to teachings is not the same as applying them with every breath I take, but I can use them as a tool to get me out of the mind and back into the heart – out of limitation and into celebration.

Whatever I decide to tune into, a member of Ascended Life is always there, beyond the limits of time and space, to have a direct heart-to-heart with me. Now. In this very moment...

Just goes to show how multilayered, non linear, and akeneic all of these Ascended Teachings truly are.  

It was while I was watching The Ascended Senses that the observer came back online and got the mule to move. 

My reality changed…

The changes are very subtle, more on a feeling level than anything else.

The dullness and heaviness that seemed to surround me are gone. Everything seems more vibrant all of a sudden, more beautiful – softer. No jagged edges. That softness especially is so very present, almost tangible, like a coating of liquid velvet – the Spherical Container of Love the Imzaia Consciousness spoke of in The Magical Reality.

This is the space I want to be in – always.

This is the space where love starts breaking through resistance. 

At the moment, it is a fragile space. My default settings run deep, and as such, I am monitoring my thoughts as continuously as I can, practicing them "as an ascended sense" to read my reality, like Ekara has taught us in the lecture with the same name. 

In that particular piece, Ekara was very clear, as always:

“I tell you, cut yourselves off. Stop this game, stop this nonsense. If you really want to move beyond it, it’s time to really start making that choice. I know you’re all tired. You’re as tired when I was when I was at that point.

Frustration? Experiencing a mismatch of energy? Cut it away! It’s only a sense that is telling you that your universe is too narrow. That the energy levels do not match.

Why stay in a bathtub when the water is too darn hot? Why not simply change the heat of the water? Or even better: jump into the ocean!

That is what your senses are showing you. That is how your senses communicate to you, the essence behind the senses; what is your most perfect and desirable reality.

And suffering simply means not making the choice to choose for your essence, to choose to move your essence into a space where it can flourish, where it can sense what it wants, where it can experience that which makes it expand and from there on creates expansion to the whole galaxy, the whole universe and all beings with it.”

Choosing my Essence, is what I am here to do, so I can be a portal for love.

And it fills my heart with joy, knowing that I'll be sharing this journey with you, the reader, as together we create The Living Portal.

With love,


Hello, I am Jasmine. I’m a student of ascension — first and foremost. I’m a writer because of that and I’m passionate about both. On this path of making known the unknown, experiences, insights, and magic abound! These then I would like to share with you. Ascension has become practical.

You have found the AscendoSphere, and this means that you are interested in the practical aspects of ascension. On my site you’ll find my experiences and a-ha moments poured into blogs, articles and bleeps — and maybe even into a poem or two. It is my wish to inspire you and trigger you to dig deep. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions and your input by mail. I will assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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  • Jasmine, thank you for sharing. Though this is only my second day here I hope maybe I can offer a suggestion that is quite simple and perhaps will let you look at this stubbornness problem from a new angle.

    In many ways I have been on a similar path though guided by Source many of the challenges and lessons have been the same and you have no idea how wonderful it is for me to find souls on the same path and in the same mindset. Source is everything and so Source teaches me through as many channels as I am open too. To say I see Divine Creator in everything is an understatement.. When I had my awakening one tool I used to let go of old constructions was this little YouTube Video from the Nickelodeon kids show Avitar The Last Airbender. The basic premise of the show is that a young man is trying to awaken his cosmic self to help unite a war torn world seperated by disharmony. (Sound familiar?) At this point in the show he has figured out how to attain his cosmic form but it is wild, uncontrollable and dangerous. A guru suggests a Chakra cleanse. Seeing as we are all beings of light animating denser matter (our physical bodies) this handy little guide helps you understand and quickly ascertain where we have built up resistance from our ego selves.

    I watch this video at least once a week to help me see what negative constructions I am holding onto and keep me in my lower vibrations. Namaste and I hope this helps!
    • Thank you, dear Patrick, for offering me your suggestion.Your involvement truly warms the cockles of my heart 

      Much love, Jasmine 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • You are very welcome, dear Gioja A big Lemurian hug and much love to you, Jasmine 

  • Thank you dear Jasmine for this beautifully written blog, thanks for pouring your heart and sharing about this topic that I recognise very well. As I am sure many others do too. The donkey makes me smile big time. It is as if he is whispering that we are even making the situation of the mule too real and heavy. As if he is saying, It really is not so hard to get me moving again. As if he says: I'm easy :-D. 

    Much love! 

    • Hi dear Amy, what a lovely comment! Thank you very much. Hihi, you might be right about the mule .

      Much love, Jasmine 

  • An incredible blog, dear Jasmine, < always spot on, cutting to the chase, and getting to the heart of the matter. I intend to read this more than once and I cherish every word and the spheres of love surrounding each and every one of them. As the Borg would say 'resistance is futile' (for other reasons :-) )and while we all know this in theory, application at all times is a horse of a different color I want to ride at all times as well. Thank you for sharing your heart and being the living portal of inspiration you so generously share with all. <3 Love you dearly, Sis! <3

    • Hi dear Amber, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am happy that my writings can assist you and others. It's a great way for me to get clarity within myself too.

      Love you, Jasmine 

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