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My highest priority during this assignment on my path of Ascension is to anchor my full commitment to Ascension and to continuous expansion, especially viewed from the perspective of the whole, the bigger picture. This needs to be anchored in being and in action. 

Somehow, when I am on the road, I have always been focused the most on creating my reality and continuing to grow as a student of ascension. 

As I have discussed before, this focus, when true and clear, immediately reflects in our reality, creates what we focus on or even better than that. 

At the same time it is the ultimate fuel for our Ascending self to continue to take the lead and blossom. 

Still, so far, for a reason that has eluded me for a long time, whenever I would be in the presence of Ascended Life for an extended period of time, my focus on reality creation and on my MerKaBa would fade. By now, I know it is one of the tools that Mind effectively uses on me to hold me back in moments where I have the chance to take giant leaps forward.

In short, Mind would open the door to everything I am not. It would invite me right in. And I would walk into its trap, blindly, every time. Even though Ascended Life would be telling me as it was happening, I still was powerless to stop it happening.

It usually starts with something small.

Slowly but surely, thoughts of not being good enough would start creeping in, without me even noticing at first. Then, the mistakes would follow. I would start doing the opposite of what I whatever task I was doing, for instance. When Ascended Life then points this out to me, instead of taking the moment as a powerful possibility to purge whatever still needs to be dropped, I would identify with the small self again. This, obviously, would take me off vector only further.

Yes, it certainly was a favourite way of Mind to make me appear smaller than I was, to myself! It loves to make me lose my focus, make mistakes along the way, and then it loves to follow this up by sending in negative thoughts about myself. Ignoring opportunities to grow as it went along.

Identified with a small and insecure part of self – that bit of myself that forms a large chunk of my personality - I would stop taking charge of my reality and my creative ability. Instead, I would start going with the flow of others, trying to keep my head above water as I slowly but surely lost track of myself once again. I would lose focus on Ascension in every breath, I would stop applying what I know in every moment.

Sound familiar?

All of this reminds me of Elisabeth Haich's beautiful book, Initiation.

During one of the initiations that the main character undergoes in the book, she describes laying in a stone coffin, inside the great pyramids, while experiencing different realities, entire lifetimes that were stored as potentials in her soul. Some would be nice and comfortable, others would face her with huge challenges to overcome.

She notices and learns each time that she can rise above these experiences (they would simply end, as if she woke up from a bad dream) by fully realising that the grand illusions were firmly in place, no matter the situation. She learns that each and every situation that can be presented in reality is always unreal, in any situation, and love and oneness is all that is real. 

“Ascension is the Gift that Keeps on Giving.” – Kwan Yin

Focusing on Ascension and holding firm in my awareness the truth about reality keeps me on track; it assists me to anchor consistency and continuity. As often as I can, whenever time allows for it, I choose something I can do to keep my focus on Ascension. 

When I walk, I am “Kissing the Earth”, knowing that I am a Living Portal, just like you.

During my travel time in the train & bus, I do the exercise of loving people around me as my brother/sister, beaming out love; or I observe reality from my ascending perspective. It is fascinating to see/hear/feel so many reality spheres playing out in one wagon. At the same time, I then remember that all of it is my creation, and sometimes I really have to look at what I created. 

As was shared by Kwan Yin in one of the Hangouts, I still see hunger in the world as long as this is still a belief system or concept within me. This is the responsibility, for instance, that is spoken about by Merkaia in The Flower of Life Awakens and by Solarys in The Three Year Renewal.

I make sure that I stay in touch with all of my assignments, so that I can continue them with the utmost focus.

If I witness that something does not move forward, I look at what else I can undertake to make it happen anyway.

If this still does not have the effect I want, I do something else, or dig deeper, focus harder. Sometimes the choice is to not to action yet, to let something emerge. This is different from losing focus. 

Of course I also stumble. I find myself in a less magical space. I might feel overwhelmed and start wondering how I will be able to continue to give all the tasks/assignments my proper focus. Or an irritation arises when something does not unfold as it should, at least not yet. 

As soon as I become aware of this I do take charge of self immediately.

I acknowledge that I was in the mental realm, that none of what I felt is true.

This is so important to remember. 

In the mental realm we feel this buffer; although we want to, we sometimes are unable to step back in the heart space.

All this really is, is that we are still trying to solve matters in the mental realm, trying to change it there. This, of course, is impossible.

All we need to do is step out of it and be in the space of the heart again. Then we ARE the excitement and the magic, whereas from the other space we can only speak of it in theory. 

I often simply focus on all the beautiful aspects of Ascension. Like Ekara suggests in The Ascending Senses

“Look at the beautiful painting.” – Ekara the Lemurian

Ascension is an infinite, magical and beautiful ‘painting’ to look at. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, as shared by Kwan Yin.

I focus on all the beautiful connections with Imzaia. Every time we connect, we deeply touch each other’s essence. Deep down we are feeling the same; we recognize that we are one heart, each having our unique experiences, each sharing our precious passions and gifts.

Every time we connect, more of ourselves comes home. We are able to be lights onto each other's paths; we walk each other home, under the loving guidance of our Ascended Family. 

I focus on all the powerful things we can do as the Living Portal, the many incredible experiences we have with Ascended Life; all of the teachings. There simply is so much to be grateful for and to be off the scales happy about.

Focusing this way is guaranteed to turn any overwhelm I might feel into excitement and any time of irritation I might experience invites me to create with even more focus and clarity. 

Because of this focus on Ascension, reality of course has to follow, and it is.

I can’t tell you how extremely excited I am to see things change because I changed. To see that it is all becoming real.

I am, for instance, on several occasions, connecting to something that is bigger than my perception, to the Spheres I have been writing about. This is not just happening in my mind, it is metaphysical. It is MORE REAL than what we see around us. 

The other day, in a very precious chat conversation with another Imzaia, it was shared with me how this lovely lady was deeply touched by the truth offered in the AscendoSphere teachings and information; how much impact it had on her entire being.

It is so very special that we all have a beautiful memory of first finding this material that resonates so much with our awakening Lemurian and Ascending self.

As she was sharing, my own "first encounter" with Ascended Life played back in my heart space.

This was a live channeling in a chat room, followed by a Q&A, back in 2005, presented by David Dubie.

I was reminded that my very first question to Ascended Life was about autism. The accuracy of the answer has installed an infinite trust in me and resonated like nothing that came before. 

In their answer, Ascended Life explained that many beings that we tend to label autistic are connected to several dimensions at the same time. To them, therefore, it can be challenging to connect to the limited version of reality that is 3D.

They also thanked me for "stepping into my job" and "into my gift" on that very day. I hadn't told them that I had started a new job working with autistic kids on that very same day. Looking back, I realize that their meaning of the word ‘job’ was most likely more expansive than mine at that point in time.

What an incredible gift that during this time on the road, as a Living Portal, I get to work with these amazing beings once again. 

What I love most about the people I work with is that they are not complicated. I understand that this statement must go against many people's 3D opinions about autism. But what I mean to say is that I observe that the beings I work for usually don’t step into the booby-traps of the personality. They do not keep up appearances; they are simply who they are in every moment. Sometimes at peace, sometimes upset, sad, angry, overwhelmed or frustrated. 

They are masters at feeling into congruency. Is what you say to them aligned with what you express beyond the words? With what is inside?

Can you imagine the danger and the vulnerability they must feel when it isn’t? 

They continue to have a child-like curiosity. They keep exploring and questioning reality and are often closer to the truth than most 3D opinions. 

They keep their innocence and their purity. 

Especially as an Ascending being, it is a vastly powerful experience to be able to spend time with such magical humans. 

Another thing is that they are mostly honest, in very interesting and precise ways. Their structures and agreements on how to go about matters are so important to them to be able to cope with this reality that they are deeply rooted within them.

They also really have a different way of translating reality. It is therefore important to observe them well, and stay in communication.

One time a girl had a back ache and the boy she hangs out with decided to offer her a massage... oil and all. They are not an item, and there are personal details which make it so that this was not a good idea. 

I told him that it was really sweet of him to want to do this for his friend, but that the circumstances made that it was not a good idea.

I offered to put my hands on the girl’s back instead, telling them that it would probably help as well, and when I did the girl could really feel it and got very excited. 

Days later, I heard that the guy had not been able to sleep well. He had become afraid that he was touched by bad energy. I looked for him and had a chat with him about it. Soon, everything was alright again.

Situations like this one offer the perfect invitation to practice even more grace in my interaction with my clients and to stay aware of their perspectives as much as possible. 

I am also a bit of a rebel to them.

Once I know that there is a connection, I sometimes can’t help but cheering them on and invite them to colour a bit outside of their normally rather strict lines. I like to see their faces when they experience that it is okay, that it is "safe" to be here.

On a last note, more beautiful potentials might be opening up. A colleague asked me to ‘look’ at one of the boys. He sees auric fields and always deeply feels and experiences all the energy of his surroundings, including all of the terrain the houses are located on.

Lately, because of all the changes that are happening within the organisation, he switched from being a happy fellow into a sad and forlorn hermit

My colleague will discuss this matter with her team leader and request for me to be able to work with this kid to help him deal with it all better. A perfect opportunity to be the Living Portal if ever there was one! 

I can’t tell you how excited I am about everything that is happening, the insights, the reflections of reality, the opportunities, and so much more. I hope that you can feel it through these words.

I already look forward to the next time we’ll be in touch via this blog. 

Much love,


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The very first time I connected to the information and wisdom presented by the precursors of The Rising Way (starting in 2005), it was clear that this strongly resonated with me. This was what I had been waiting for. Life and reality started to make sense, to my heart as well, and this awakened within me the strong wish to implement these teachings on a practical level. Although it took me some time to understand the depth of commitment that is required for ascension, it has been an incredible journey which has brought me so much growth already. 

I have recently started the path of a seeker and It is my honour to share my experiences, and insights with you. I am very pleased with the depth of information about ascension provided by The Rising Way. Here you too, can learn how to move forward on your path of ascension of self. Since I know how vital it is to walk this path together and learn from each other, I welcome your input, comments or questions. Feel free to post them in comments box or email me via your TRW inbox.

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  • Dearest Amy, thank you so much for your beautiful blog. You really have a gift to touch people's hearts with what you share and the way you share it. I feel very blessed to be 'on the road' together with you. It's always a joy to hear about your experiences with these beautiful souls with the label 'autistic.' I know that you are a blessing for these kids because you truly understand where they're coming from. My deepest respect for you  You've got your mission cut out for you! 

    Love always, Jasmine 

  • Dear Shalalea, Orchid & Amber,

    Thank you all for your beautiful words, I am so very grateful that my writing can be helpful and inspiring to others as well. Also writing about Ascension therefore becomes a gift that keeps on giving. First all the treasures I get to unpack, connections I see, and ways to make better choices. After this, when you read it and it inspires you as well. 

    I am in LOVE & JOY with you ALL! 

  • Hey, Amy, I am your number 1 fan, I think!  Somewhere along the line on the ascension path, I remember someone  saying 'let's get naked!'  meaning, to me, to let all of it 'hang out', the good, the bad, and the ugly, so to speak, to see it (without identifying or judging it) and to choose the truth of who we are without the illusions and personality goo, over and over until focusing on only what is important takes hold so strongly, there is no other option. To do this and share your heart with your total commitment to the ascension path and to these beautiful souls the way you do is beauty in action, and a magnificent example of being a Living self and to so-called others. I honor you and love you with all my heart! 

    Love, Amber

  • Dearest Amy, SUCH a great blog!! Thank you so much for who you are and for sharing so openly from the heart. There are many many gifts in here for anyone who opens the heart to receive them. It is an honor to share the ascension path with you. What a blessing you are to those you are working with. Thank you with much love and respect. Love you 

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